Our Approach

Trifecta's model for helping you achieve your objectives is based on networking and relationships.  In any community, industry or non-profit service sector, there are accomplished organizations delivering outstanding services, building an outstanding product or meeting a critical social service need.   Working with you, Trifecta identifies those community, business, government or industry leaders who should know you, your capabilities and your commitment.... and we make sure you are connected and known by these potential partners. 


Why Trifecta?

Successful businesses and non-profits are often guided by executives who are appropriately focused on running their organization.  The array of challenges they confront each day often doesn't allow time to gain optimal value from external engagements - whether with a Chamber of Commerce, local elected officials or potential customers or partners in the community.   Trifecta provides added bandwidth to an organization, and its leaders, by identifying the most effective path to external relationship building the connects you with leaders, organizations and networks that will optimize your time and your visibility in the community.

Our Team


Scott Celley, Managing Partner

  Scott has extensive experience in senior government and corporate positions, leading both crisis and reputation management programs. Scott has served as a non-profit board member for regional and national organizations, and has extensive experience working with business organizations promoting both workforce and economic development programs, at the state and local level.